May 31, 2011

Review: KvD pigments- Rapture, Starcrossed, Meditation

Hi!  Have you gotten your hands on any of the Kat Von D pigments yet?  Since the collection became available in the Sephora stores, I purchased three more colors.  Sure, that was about 90 years ago in makeup time, but I wanted to really test them to give you the best review I can!  Good thing too, because I was having a ton of trouble using Starcrossed until i came across this review  of the pigments that gave me a tip that worked like a charm.  Onward ho! (to the review, a few spaces down haha)


 The packaging doesn't help reveal the true color of the product inside; it makes the colors (at least of the shades reviewed here) look much paler/less interesting than what they actually are.

L-R (bottom half was swatched over Urban Decay's Primer Potion, top half is all by its lonesome)

Meditation: Metallic rose

Rapture: Metallic peach with gold flash

Starcrossed: Metallic champagne with champagne microglitter

Of these three, Meditation has the best formula.  It has a really smooth laydown with minimal fall out.  At first, i thought Starcrossed was relatively unusable because the tools I was using (Sonja Kashuk and Kat von D brushes) were just barely picking up the pigment.  As the review i referenced above stated, this color in particular works well using a brush with stiffer bristles.  Once I tried this, Starcrossed became so much easier to use!  However,  there is still a TON of fall out when I brush it on my eye.  I recommend using a base with these to get the product to stick to your eye and stay there- especially if you have oily skin like me.

Overall these are gorgeous, but do take a little bit of care so that you don't wind up with pigment and/or glitter all over your face.  If you're more of a low-maintenance person, you might get a little frustrated with these.  If you're like me and have high-maintenance makeup habits, then go for these! They're awesome!

These are available at Sephora.

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