May 2, 2014

Accutane month 2

I survived my second month of Accutane! The beginning of month two was stressful, and I think the meds elevated my emotional response to certain stressors.  My face has also gotten even more sensitive and turns bright red when I touch it. However, the texture of my skin is improving so much. I never thought I'd get rid of my acne scars, but it looks like I'm heading in that direction!
My skin hasn't gotten any drier ( I hope it's because I've been moisturizing the heck out of it!), but it's still pretty dry. Here's what I used this month to keep it comfortable:

-Fresh Seaberry Oil (mixed with my moisturizers or applied straight to my drier areas)
-CVS moisture face wash
-CVS spf 30 day lotion
-Cerave face lotion (at night)
-Fresh Rose mask
-Fresh Brown Sugar scrub
-Jack Black Lip balm
- A&D ointment (I use this on my lips,  under eye area, and where smile lines try to form)

I realized I forgot to take a picture.  And now I'm half way into month 3 so it doesn't make sense to take one now. Sorry!

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