July 12, 2011

Kat Von D: Coming Fall '11- more new stuff!

Sephora has released information for what's coming for fall for the Kat Von D line!  I personally am most excited for the revamped black mascara!

My all-time favorite mascara was the High Voltage mascara in Lucifer (a deep black), which has been discontinued for a while now. It volumized and curled my lashes like no one's business, and it was only $18 (compared to my current favorite, Dior Iconic, which rings in at $28).  The new Sin-full mascara promises to do the same thing, but looks like it has metal packaging.  Can't wait to see if it lives up to my former HG product!

clockwise from left: KvD Sinner palette, KvD Poetica palette, KvD Saint palette
There are two three new palettes in this collection.  Is it just me, or do they
 look like the 2011 versions of the Beethoven, True Love, and Ludwig palettes?  Except this time, THERE'S NO CREAM SHADOWS!!! HOORAY! Also, instead of the little brushes that everyone complained about, there is a mini black eyeliner.  The carved packaging is  pretty interesting too.
Also coming for fall are a new fragrance and "foil" lipsticks.  The perfume is called "Poetica", which boasts notes of dewy rose petals, passion fruit, crushed berries, white orchid, tuberose, tahitian cherry, sambac jasmine, sensual musk, praline, blonde woods, and amber. 

While Sephora.com doesn't mention them, Miss Katherine von Drachenburg herself posted a picture on twitter of the new lipsticks, and said they were coming at the end of the month (the picture has since been removed).  The packaging looked like that of the Sin-full mascara, and there were 5 new colors.  The shade Adora (metallic warm red), which was released last fall was included in the roundup with the new packaging.
The new "Foiled Love" lipsticks have been posted on Sephora! The shades offered range from peach to amethyst.  I have my eye on "Forever and Never" which is described to be "metallic golden peach."  The description also claims that it will moisturize your lips, so I'm curious to try them out since the only shimmery KvD lipstick I have (Coral Castle) dries my lips out a little.

Something else that's new for fall with the line is the Rehab Priming Elixir.  From the description, it looks like it's supposed to provide your skin with hydration-- not sure if it's meant to be an all-out moisturizer or not.  This definitely doesn't sound like it will mattify your skin at all. As an oily skinned gal, makes me sad, though i'm still curious to try this one out.  (EDIT: The first line of the description is it's a mattifying primer! D'oh!) If anything, the packaging is pretty!  

Does any of this upcoming collection catch your eye?  What other fall collections are you chomping at the bit for?  Let me know in the comments!

You can view the upcoming collection- as well as the current collections- at Sephora.
If you're on twitter, you can follow Kat Von D @thekatvond.  SHAMLESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT: You can also follow me @killerteeth

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