July 27, 2011

Discounted Urban Decay and MAC!

Today I made a really awesome discovery-- allcosmeticswholesale.com, a site that features copious amounts of legit, discounted cosmetics.  The brands I was most excited for was Urban Decay and MAC, but there is a slew of other big brands offered there (Bobby Brown, Clinique, Laura Mercier; etc).

Why are they discounted?  It seems that what's on here is discontinued (including my favorite Easy Lounger lipglass from MAC's To the Beach collection, swatched here), was a tester, was a little damaged, or was a tester.  Not sure how i feel about purchasing a cosmetic that was a tester (assuming it was from a retail store), but a tester brush is all right with me.  As long as the bristles aren't all crazy and falling out, you can just wash it and it'll be good as new!  With that said, I bought three different Urban Decay eyeshadow brushes, for less than the cost of two. SO EXCITED!  I already have the angled blush brush from them, and it's awesome.  The site said two of the three brushes i ordered are missing the UD boxes, so I'm curious how they'll be packed for the shipment.  Can't wait until they come!

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