December 6, 2011

Holiday look: Green and Silver

(Since the winter holidays are nearing, holiday makeup tutorials have been popping up everywhere.  Almost every one I've seen has involved a shiny or sparkly gold eye/red lip combination! While gold and red does make a lovely combination, it's not the only one out  that reads "Holiday." 

Note: before I started, I applied my foundation and concealer. Normally I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion before I put on my eye shadow, but today I used Cover FX cream foundation to experiment.  More on that later.

Step one: Apply pale silver eye shadow from inner corner to the middle of your eye.

Step two: Apply dark green eye shadow at lash line and in outer corner, and blending it out a bit.

Step three and four: Apply mid toned green adjacent to the dark green and in the crease, then blend blend blend! If you find that you want to make the look a little darker, you can add more of the dark green eye shadow. Then take a highlighting shade (I used a white/green duochrome, but you can use the pale silver color from Step one), and apply to the inner corner/tear duct area and on the brow bone, blending it into the green shadows.

The rest: From here you can easily turn this into a smokey eye with either a black or dark green pencil liner. My personal look of choice today was winged eyeliner. After my eyeliner, I applied a thickening mascara, then a lengthening mascara.

Lips: I put on lipgloss first, and then my lipstick.  I find this makes the color of the lipstick sheerer, and it doesn't mess up my lipgloss applicator!

Finished look:

What I used:
(The following is all by Kat Von D, except where noted)
-Lucifer e/s (matte black) used on brows
-Holy Bible e/s (pale silver)
-Gunner e/s (dark green with green glitter) *
-Ego Sum e/s (shimmering medium bright green)*
-Hawkwind e/s (shimmery white with green flash)*
-Autograph pencil Puro Amor (black)- used to tightline
-Autograph eyeliner in Puro Amor (matte black) This is my liquid eyeliner of choice!
-Sin-full mascara
-Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara
*These shadows are from the limited edition Gypsy palette.

-Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lipgloss in Pout (candy pink with subtle shimmer)
-Urban Decay Lipstick in Rush (sheer glossy mauvey-pink)

-L'Oreal True Match Foundation (not a huge fan of this)
-CoverFX cream foundation (used as concealer) (not a huge fan of this either)
-Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow primer
-MAC Pink Swoon blush
-Urban Decay Razor sharp defining powder

So there you have it! A silver-green eye with a pale pink lip.Now that I think about it, this is reading a bit mod, and it's making me want to put my hair in a beehive! Anyway, this is one of those looks that can definitely be tailor-made to suit your style. (want something more subtle? How about a wash of silver over your eye paired with some green eyeliner? Stronger? How about keeping a smudgey black around the eye,k and then using greens to blend it out?)

. If you liked this look, please stay tuned! I've got more holiday-inspired looks coming up!.

What's your favorite look of this season? Let me know in the comments!

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