November 29, 2011

Review: Benetint Balm

Benetint balm is a gel balm from Benefit's Benetint family. Unlike the original Benetint, this isn't much of a stain, rather it's a sheer rosy blush.  It's moisturizing, but I wouldn't count on this to restore incredibly dry, flaky lips. The texture is very light, and while it's glossy, it's not sticky. It's also got some built in sun protection- SPF 15.

Left: Benetint balm as is. Right: Benetint balm evened out, as you'd apply it to your lips.

This is rose scented. I've got a sensitive sniffer, and didn't find the scent terribly unpleasant.  It did fade within a few minutes.

The packaging is a pretty straightforward screwtop tub and houses 0.23 g of product. I personally prefer packaging with applicators because it makes applying on the go much easier (and sanitary), so this definitely isn't ideal.

Overall, I don't think all of the elements of the Benetint balm make it worthy of a re-purchase for me. That's BEFORE considering its $20 pricetag!

You don't have to take my word for it. It's available now at Sephora.

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