April 13, 2014

Kat von D Immortal Lash Mascara

It seems that Kat Von D has replaced her Sin-full lash with Immortal Lash for Summer/14. How does the latest lash offering from the brand fare? Read on to find out!

PIGMENTATION: Sephora describes this to be "ultrablack." I don't think this is any blacker than other mascaras I've used, just a standard black.

Left side: Immortal Lash, Right Side: no mascara
I am not wearing makeup in this picture other than Immortal Lash.

PRODUCT: The formula isn't as thick or wet as previous KvD mascaras so it seems to work well for lower lashes. On my upper lashes, this made them long, but I had to use a few coats to achieve desired length.  Unfortunately this gave me little volume, and clumped at the end of my upper lashes. About the claim that it's a "24-hour" mascara-- this flaked after about 12 hours for me.

PACKAGING: The wand in Immortal Lash has a pine cone-shaped tip with a row of spikes spiralling down the length of the brush. The shape is supposed to get the lashes on the outer corners, but I'm not sure how the single row of spikes is supposed to be effective. In the end,  my lashes were not nearly as defined as I expected them to be. Also, the brush was extremely flexible. Not sure what the point of that was, but I feel like if I was to use this a lot, then the brush may break off.

The outside of the packaging is matte black with red foil roses and a red foil logo on the cap. This is similar to the High Frequency mascara packaging, and all of the foiled details of that one used to rub off.

PRICE: $20

Immortal Lash has a gimmicky, ineffective brush, and an inferior formula. I rarely return things to Sephora, but this isn't fit for my cosmetic collection.

As always,  you don't have to take my word for it. Immortal Lash is available now at Sephora.

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