April 26, 2011

KvD Rehab-- Truth vs Angeles

Hi! How do you feel about companies putting the same shadows in different palettes? For example, Urban Decay adding Midnight Cowboy (a super shimmery, glittery beige if you're unfamiliar) to nearly every palette that they put out. In the newest palette offering from Kat Von D, there are not one, but three shadows that have made appearances in other palettes. The strangest repeat I thought was Rehab, because it appeared in the Truth palette that was launched earlier this year.

On the left is Rehab from the Angeles Palette, on the right is Rehab from the Truth palette. Even from this bad picture, you can tell that the color's formula for the Angeles palette is much smoother & more pigmented than the Truth palette. Actually, in the Truth palette, Rehab is one of my least favorite shades because the pigmentation is so spotty. I really had to work with it to make it to anything for me, which is kind of pointless for essentially a highlighting color.

What's the best color you've seen repeated in a palette? What's the worst?

April 22, 2011

Harajuku Lovers for Charity!

Hi! Have you seen the limited edition Harajuku Lovers "We Love You Japan" t-shirt? I'm currently going bananas for it-- it's so cute! Gwen Stefani designed this for the Japanese tsunami relief efforts-- all $40 of the selling price will go to the charity, and there is an option to make an additional donation with your purchase.

The sizes left are junior's XS, M, L, and XL (S is sold out:( ), and this is limited edition. If you love Japan, Gwen Stefani, or just really want this t-shirt, head on over to: http://gwenstefanijapanfundraiser.shop.bravadousa.com/Default.aspx