September 20, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette

Remember the Mi Vida Loca palette? (If not, here's my review of it.) Apparently it was a fan favorite (or maybe one that a lot of people missed out on) so Miss KvD and her beauty team created a revamped version.  Will it perform the same way as the original? Let's find out.

Warning: my camera was being fussy about photographing this palette. I'll note where things are off.

Muse: Pale lavender. Satin finish.
Echo: Medium matte violet with light magenta glitter. Worst performing of the bunch.
Dark Wave: Indigo. Satin Finish.
Synth: Bright light-medium blue. Matte finish.

L-R: Muse, Echo (definitely more violet in real life), Dark Wave, Synth. 

Hyperballad: Cool toned blue-green. Matte finish.
Lemmy: Metallic forest green.
Vinyl: Metallic acid green with pale gold shift
Misfit: Apple green with blue pearl

L-R: Hyperballad (a tiny bit more green in person), Lemmy, Vinyl, Misfit.

The lettering is silver, so I had to sacrifice read-ability for accurate color portrayal. Sorry!
Anthem: Medium red-violet. Matte finish2nd worst performing.
Lรถve: Metallic bubblegum pink.
Swoon: Slightly muted hot pink. Matte finish.
Destroyer: Muted red. Matte finish.
Rewind: Burgundy pearl

L-R: Anthem, Love, Swoon, Destroyer, Rewind

Rewind is at the top.
Harpsichord: Muted metallic copper. Best performing :)
Analogue: Matte orange.
Fran: True yellow. Pearl finish.
Legend: Pale white gold. Metallic finish

L-R: Harpsichord, Analogue, Fran, Legend.

Strutter: Cool-toned matte beige.
Lyric: Translucent pale pearly pink. SUPER gorgeous.
Black Metal: Matte black. This leans warm.
Skulls: Metallic cool toned white.

L-R: Strutter, Lyric (pic does NOT do this justice), Black Metal, Skulls

Noble:  Warm peach beige
Moulder: Matte warm cream.
Vox: Dark chocolate brown. Matte.

L-R: Noble, Moulder, Vox

PIGMENTATION: Generally the pigmentation was great in this palette. The most pigmented shadows were Harpsichord, Synth, Lemmy, and Rewind. The least pigmented was Echo, with Anthem coming in at a close second.

PRODUCT: Most were buttery and not too dry. I didn't have any problem building up Echo or Anthem without a base, but a base would definitely help.

PACKAGING: The palette is housed in a cardboard sleeve, like a record. Being the "remix" of Mi Vida Loca, I thought this was an awesome idea. The palette isn't exactly secure in it, as if it's turned over a little, it will slide out on its own. If you're klutz like me, there is an outer clear plastic box to keep everything together.  I really like how the shade names are printed on the front, and I hope future KvD palettes will have that too. This also comes with an instruction sheet for three different makeup looks you can achieve with the palette.

PRICE: $59

All in all, I'm thrilled to say this is SO much better than the OG Mi Vida Loca palette.  I love that there are neutrals to pair these crazy colors with, and for me, the color-wheel layout makes it visually easier to figure out what to pair with what. If you want ALL the colors in a variety of finishes in one place, you may want to check out Mi Vida Loca Remix.

Of course you don't have to take my word for it! The Mi Vida Loca Remix palette is available now at Sephora.

September 3, 2015

Formula X To Go System

Thank you to Sephora for sending this to me!

Nail Cleanser- Alcohol based with a tiny bit of oil in it (I guess to prevent your nails from drying out).
Base- This is a sheer pink sticky basecoat. I've never used a sticky base before, and I'm definitely into it.
Pyrotechnics- Lovely balanced red. There are two other versions with different colors if you're not a fan of red.
Top Coat- Leaves my nails glossy for DAYS. I've never had a gel manicure, but I feel like this gives the look of one. Not sure why, but this has deposited air bubbles on my manicure.

The first time I used the set, my manicure lasted 14 days without chipping. Yes, 14 days. I've used the nail cleanser, base, and top coat with other nail polishes, and it's worked just as good. This system is phenomenal and I have purchased full-sized versions of the system.

This was on day 14!
As always, you don't have to take my word for it. The Formula X To Go system (as well as a full-sized and individual versions) are available now at Sephora.