February 10, 2015

Besame Cosmetics Brightening Vanilla Powder

Besame Cosmetics is a brand that I've been looking at longingly for a really long time, but never actually bought anything.  Thanks to my dealer, Sephora, for making it easy to try one of their products out.

PRODUCT: This is a yellow-toned HD finishing powder.  It's really finely milled so the texture is really soft. The finish it gives is really lovely, and I haven't had any issues with caking or it screwing up my makeup EXCEPT on days where my skin is mega dry. On those days, it emphasizes any flakes I have (like how any powder would).  This does have a vanilla scent, which disappears very quickly once the powder is applied.

Check out that fancy manicure! *barf*
The tiny velvety powder puff that's included is no slouch either! Ok, it's nothing extraordinary, but it does the job and I feel fancy putting my fingers behind the ribbon loop.

PACKAGING: The design on this is sooo pretty, but the outer packaging is plastic. I'm afraid the twist-off cap will eventually crack or break. There is a plastic sifter on the inside, as well as a plastic guard for the powder puff, and to prevent powder going everywhere-- yay! I probably will remove the sifter because not enough product comes out to my liking.

PRICE: $22 for 0.21 oz

All in all, I really like this product! The yellow tint helps correct redness I get, and the powder itself gives a blurring effect which is always welcome considering I am cursed with large pores.

As always, you don't have to take my word for it. Besame Cosmetics' Brightening Vanilla Powder is available now from Sephora.

January 17, 2015

Kat Von D Lock-it Featherweight Primer

Brand spankin' new in the Kat Von D line is the Lock-It Featherweight Primer. The packaging claims it is "hydrating, water based, weightless fragrance free, and oil free."

Product:  I've been using this for a few days now and I can't tell whether I like this or not.  It's initially hydrating, but it doesn't lock moisture into my skin for all-day comfort (i have dry skin.  If you have more oily skin, you may feel differently about this).  I have large pores and some fine lines happening under my eyes and on the sides of my mouth; and, this helped delay creasing in my lines, but it did nothing to fill in or blur my pores.  This was a better companion to my powder foundation then it was to my liquid foundation(s).

Packaging: Like the Lock-It Foundation, the primer has sort of packaging-within-packaging.  This has a pretty peacock feather design on the inner packaging. You can easily control how much comes out of the pump by how much you depress the button., This packaging has something I wish that the foundation had: a fancy stopper!

I'm sorry for this terrible picture.

Price: $32 for 1 oz.

All in all, I'm on the fence about this.  It's not amazing, and it's not terrible.  I'm going to continue to use this, and will update this post if I come to a more definitive conclusion about this.

Of course,  you don't have to take my word!  Kat von D's Lock-It Featherweight Primer is available now at Sephora.

January 11, 2015

Look of the day 1/11/2015

I got inspired by a Venus Palette Dupe post on Reddit since I had two of the mentioned colors, so I came up with this look.

Face: Featherweight primer
Lock it foundation in L45 mixed with an old tattoo concealer equivalent to L42
Lock it powder foundation in L45 (all by Kat Von D)
OCC skin conceal in Y0
Tease from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette to contour

Eye brows: Tarte EmphasEYES high definition eyebrow pencil in Rich Brown
Blinc eyebrow mousse in Dark Brown

Eyes: Cleopatra from the Kat Von D Ladybird palette
Bootycall from Naked 2 for the highlight
Fixated from the Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Stack in lower lash line/outer corner
Hourglass Film Noir Mascara

Illamasqua lip pencil in Severity

Bite Lip Lab Creme Deluxe Lipstick: 01/15

For 2015, the folks at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab (which is in SoHo if you're in NYC) are doing a Sephora-exclusive run of twelve exclusive lipsticks.  A new one will release each month, then disappears into the ether. I guess.  Sephora describes January's release as a "deep burgundy with red undertone" and is Bite's creme deluxe formula, which is described as "luxurious pearl, silk, and champagne" (and costs $48 if you create a lipstick in this formula at the Bite Lip Lab).

Pigmentation: I'd say this was decently pigmented, but it needed a few strokes from the tube to get there.
Maybe not as deep as described, but I think a red-toned burgundy is a pretty accurate description.

Product: Upon initial application, this had a glossy finish, but dried down to a satin. Has a lot of slip that doesn't seem to go away as it dries down, making it move around when I pressed my lips together. For the life of me, I could not get this to make a crisp edge straight from the tube, so a lip liner or brush will be crucial for future applications. (Illamasqua's Severity pencil is a perfect match FYI)  Can't put my finger on what the scent is, but it's faint, pleasant and doesn't stick around long.
I applied this on unprimed dry lips and, at first the formula was super comfortable to wear, but as I write this post I'm three hours in and it's pretty drying.  01/15 also settled into my lip lines after about two hours.

Packaging: The tube has a slanted cap and is plastic with a rubberized finish. 

Price: $36 for .15oz

Truthfully, I had high hopes for this lipstick and I'm really let down. For the price and knowing the normally high quality of Bite's products, this fell short of so many marks. I personally will be keeping it because I don't mind having to do the prepwork prior to wearing or re-applying, but I'm definitely turned off to seeing what's ahead for the rest of the year.

Update: I wore this the next day and it's SO high maintenance I've decided to return it. Or maybe take it to Bite's Lip Lab, dupe the color in a different formula, and then return it.

November 15, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick: Poe

Poe was THE shade of the Studded Kiss collection that was always sold out. If you are on three fence about purchasing, here's a quick review to maybe help you decide:
Poe is navy with warm purple glitter. I LOVE the color-- it's as flattering as a blue lipstick can get bc of the rich color and the purple sparkle.

Unfortunately, the texture is awful. It is SO dry and drags on the lips. I had to really work to get it to apply evenly with a lip brush (and I hate using lip brushes gr). Once applied, It feels like I've put powder on my lips. I've never experienced this kind of texture in a lipstick before.
I returned this, and I don't recommend it.

As always,  you don't have to take my word for it. The Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Poe is available right now at Sephora.

Kat Von D Autograph Liner Set

During the Sephora VIB sale, I went crazy. It was almost like those Super Toy Runs that Nickelodeon used to televise (Yes, I'm showing my age a little).  When I saw the Autograph Liner set, I couldn't resist!  If you're unfamiliar, these are mini pencil eyeliners that can fit in the metal KvD palettes (Saint, Sinner, Poetica, Ladybird, Mi Vida Loca), or are just convenient little pencils to stick in your bag for an emergency.

Homie: medium blue-based purple. Metallic finish. 
*If you're curious, my nailpolish is OCC's Pagan

DRA: light-medium blue with tonal sparkle.

Eyegasm: light-medium green with tonal sparkle.

Proud Peacock: dark green-grey

Piaf: purple and pink micro glitter in a sheer grey base. Super pretty!

Black Metal Love: matte black with silver micro glitter

Puro Amor: matte black (previously reviewed here)

Immortal Love: matte medium-dark brown (originally reviewed here)

L-R: Homie, D.R.A, Eyegasm, Proud Peacock, Piaf, Black Metal Love, Puro Amor, Immortal Love

Pigmentation: Proud Peacock had the worst pigmentation,  and even then it wasn't terrible. Black Metal Love had the best of the set. Piaf was the most surprising out of the bunch-- I wasn't expecting the glitter to come out as well as it did! 

Product: The textures of these are smooth and buttery. No dragging or skipping problems whatsoever. Even though Proud Peacock didn't have the best pigmentation it, along with all the other eye liners, are very buildable. They also set fast, stay put, and are very water resistant.

I didn't know what to expect for the packaging of this since it wasn't pictured on Sephora.com.The ziploc bag was a bit disappointing, but I give it points for practicality since it's reusable. 

Price: This set is a great deal: $32 for eight liners. Since they retail individually for $10, it's like getting five liners for free!

The Kat Von D Autograph Liner set  Of course you don't have to take my word for it the Kat Von D autograph pencil set is available now on Sephora.com.

September 20, 2014

Anthony Advanced Formula Lip Balm

On a day during my stint on Accutane, I was out and about and realized I didn't have my beloved Jack Black lip balm.  Considering I had to CONSTANTLY reapply, a new balm had to be purchased asap.  Wanting something quality, I went to Sephora to get a new Jack Black balm, until a sales person totally sold me on Anthony Advanced Formula lip balm. 

Texture: Lightweight, but not too thin.  It's described as matte, but there is soft sheen to it. 

Moisture:  HIGHLY moisturizing. This worked much, much better than my JB balm (which would stop working after a few hours, no matter how much I applied).  My lips were peeling a lot, and this balm significantly reduced that.

Packaging: The squeeze tube is a little shorter than what I'm used to, which is neither bad nor good.  I do like how it's a light color so that I can usually find it in my bag. 

Additional details: The balm contains spf 25, reservatrol (which is supposed to be an anti-aging ingredient), and a very faint minty smell (it's from an artificial source, so it won't burn like something containing peppermint oil will).  I'm one of those people who is ultra sensitive to smell, and this isn't overpowering or too sweet or anything, and it disappears pretty quickly.  

Overall, I absolutely love this balm and will be repurchasing.  

Of course you don't have to take my word for it. Anthony Advanced Formula Lip Balm is available at Sephora.