July 29, 2015

Bite Beauty Maple Agave Lip Mask (Canadian Exclusive)

First it was Socialized Healthcare. Now it's this. For fall, Bite Beauty released a Canadian-exclusive tinted version of their Lip Mask in a maple scent/flavor. I'm not sure if it's LE or if Bite will ever share it with us Yanks, but Canada did share Kids in the Hall with us, so there is a sliver of hope. I procured mine via a friend from Sephora's message board (Thank you Heartsmyface!) and I wanted to write a quick review in case you were curious to see if it was worth going through the trouble of getting it.

Maple: Ultra sheer warm rosy bronze with a subtle bronze sparkle.

PRODUCT: It's much thinner than my original lip mask, which I think makes it much better for wear during the day. Because of the thinner texture, it doesn't last very long. I've had it on for about an hour and am already feeling the need to re-apply. It smells and tastes like pure maple syrup, but it's not noticeable after a few minutes.

PACKAGING: The lip mask is housed in a plastic/flexible metal tube (like a toothpaste tube). The label is a matte ink, and there is a metallic ring printed at the top that shows the color. If this is anything like my regular lip mask, I am predicting the label will flake off on my fingers when I start using it a lot.


If you live in the magic land of Canada, it is available on Sephora. If you don't, then you must seek out a kind Canadian.

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