September 30, 2013

Kat Von D Spellbinding Lipstick Set

Dear readers,
I broke down and bought the KvD "spellbinding" holiday 2013 collection.  Here's my take on the lipstick set:

For $39, you get 10 mini (1.2g) lipsticks.  There are 5 permanent colors, and 5 colors unique to this set. 9 shades are matte (some moreso than others), and 1 is the "foiled love" formula (which just means it's super sparkly).  I do already have 2 colors from this set-- Ritual and Lovecraft-- but there were a few I was interested in trying (mostly Thin Lizzy!!). Plus, I feel like I am either wearing red or nude lips these days and I wanted to branch out without buying a full lipstick.

Mau5: Purple tinged magenta. On the sheer side upon first swipe, didn't quite build up to being fully opaque.

Thin Lizzy: Sheer rose with a ton of copper sparkle. Much different than what I was expecting!

Bachelorette: Cool-toned pinkish red cream. This is really similar to Dita Von Teese's Follies Pink

L.U.V.: Mauve. When I removed the swatch, it left behind the most noticeable stain (other than Vampira).

Underage Red: True balanced red. One swipe delivered opaque color.

Ritual: Warm nude-tan.  For some reason, this color is different than my tube from the permanent line.

Backstage Bambi: Cool toned semi-bright bubblegum pink

A Go Go: Orange that leans a touch red. Pigmentation-wise, this was the best of the bunch.

Lovecraft: Cool pink nude

Vampira: Burgundy with more than a hint of purple. Pretty similar in color to KvD's Rosary lipstick, but this has a creamier texture. This was the first one I wore in real life, and I was a tad disappointed.  It applied a bit patchy, and it only wore around 4 hours.  It did, however, leave behind a pretty stain.

All in all, I think this set is worth it if, for no other reason, you (or a friend!) are lipstick phobic and/or want to try some new colors.  The textures seem to be a little better than the KvD lipsticks I have, BUT mine are old so either they're a little dried out or it's been reformulated.

You don't have to take my word for it! The Spellbinding Lipstick set is now available at Sephora.