February 25, 2012

Review: Glamour Doll Eyes Circus Collection

For a long time I've been hearing about Glamour Doll Eyes (or GDE for short) on various blogs and youtube videos, but until recently I had never really given the company much thought.  It was when  I saw the look from the Circus collection on this guest post on Xsparkage that I knew I had to check out this company for myself. Even though I set out only to get a few colors, GDE has the awesome option to buy sample jars, so I ended up getting the entire Circus collection + two other colors for around $20!!

The Circus collection arrived packaged in a cute little box, complete with a package of cotton candy Poprocks and a raffle ticket! I don't remember what the raffle ticket is for, but that's ok.  The jars also came sealed, which really surprised me considering they were just samples.

Bearded Lady- Shimmering brown with a silver sparkle

Big Top- Shimmering yellow with a faint pink shimmer

Cotton Candy- Light blue with pink glitter

Electric Chair- Shimmering white

Fiji Mermaid- Deep teal with a sea green shimmer

Fire Eater- Orange, red, and gold glitter
(I didn't photograph my swatch of this because, since I didn't use a base, it almost immediately fell off. It's ok because it's pure glitter- no binders or anything- so this behavior was expected.)

Oddity- Lime green with yellow gold shift

Sword Swallower- shimmering light silver

Across the board (minus Fire Eater, because it's all glitter) that these shadows are very finely milled.  When I put my finger in the jar to make the swatches, I couldn't tell when I had dipped into the product!  Because it felt so barely-there, I was worried about color payoff; but, I'm happy to say that all of these shadows have great pigmentation. Also, to get the colors to REALLY pop, a sticky base works wonders (I put these over my trusty UDPP while it's still "wet," and I have also used my NYX Jumbo Pencil).

All in all, I think this collection is definitely worth your hard-earned dollars. Plus, as I previously mentioned, there are a lot of different price options: $8 will get you the entire collection in sample bags, $16 will get you the entire collection in sample jars, and $32 will get you the entire collection in full-sized jars.  You also can purchase full sized individual shades for $6 (it doesn't look like you can buy samples of this collection individually).

You don't have to take my word for it! The Circus Collection is available now (for a limited time!) at Glamour Doll Eyes.

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