September 3, 2012

Review: Kat Von D Lock-It foundation

Finally! A foundation from the KvD line. I originally bought it in L46 (which was too rosy for my skin), and also tried it in L44 and L42.

PIGMENTATION: Excellent.  This will definitely cover up any redness or imperfections you may have.  This will cover up acne, but you may need additional concealer depending on how red the pimple(s) is/are.

TEXTURE/WEAR: It's a liquid cream that goes on very smooth.  I've found that it's best to buff it into the skin with a dense brush or it end up looking really heavy.  One of the claims for this is that it's matte, but I'd say it dries down to a demi-matte finish-- not too matte, not too shiny.  If you have normal or dry skin, I'm sure the transfer resistant claim will ring true.  The swatches on my arm, when dried down, did NOT budge-- not even when I rubbed it or tried to rub it away with water. However, on my oily skin, I noticed that a tiny bit rubbed off onto my boyfriend's black shirt when I put my head on his shoulder (oops).  

COLOR SELECTION: I love that the color selection goes from super fair to very deep, and a range of undertones are covered. However of the three shades I tried, I was not able to find a good match for my skin.  L46 was too rosy.  L44 was the closest, but too yellow-- on top of that it oxidized so it wound up making me look a little orange.  Then L42 was definitely too light for me and had a pink undertone (and since I like to balance out the pink/red of my skin, this emphasized things in a bad way).  The following swatch pictures, unfortunately, look like they tell a different story. If it matters, they were taken in sunlight-- I didn't bother to take a picture of L42, but if I will if it is requested.  (Also, if you're curious, my perfect foundation shade is NW15 from MAC, since they now test on animals, I'm desperately trying to find a perfect match elsewhere.)



PACKAGING: This looks like it a bottle within a bottle-- maybe the extra outer packaging is to protect the inside in case you drop it?  I like how there is a button for the pump instead of the whole top being the pump, and that you can easily control the amount that comes out.

OVERALL: In opinion, Lock-It foundation is worth trying.  It's a no-fuss full coverage foundation that I think could work for every skin type, if you can find the right color match.

You don't have to take my word for it!  Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation is available now in Sephora stores and from

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