May 6, 2014

OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil: Black Dahlia

I feel like I was the only one having trouble with my Black Dahlia lip tar, and couldn't find a pencil dark enough to help out with the application.  Then OCC released their cosmetic colour pencils, with a shade to match my lip tar!

OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil: Black Dahlia

"Black Dahlia" is a cool-toned dark red violet. This is definitely the darkest cruelty free cosmetic pencil  I know of that isn't black.

PRODUCT: Meant to be used anywhere on the face, this pencil has a comfortably creamy texture. It wasn't creamy to the point of feeling like a lipbalm, but I didn't have any problems with it skipping or having uneven color when applied all over my lips.  It prevented my lip tar from feathering, but didn't make it wear any longer-- after about four hours, my lip tar became uneven to the point I had to take it off.

OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil: Black Dahlia

PACKAGING: For some reason, the pencil seems really small, until I looked at the numbers.  (Assuming these numbers are all fill weights)
OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil: .08oz
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil: .04oz
MAC Lip Pencil: .05 oz

PRICE: $16! Compared to UD's $20 and MAC's $15, I'd say this is a pretty good deal.

All in all, OCC's Cosmetic Colour Pencil was precisely what I was looking for: a super dark color to match my Black Dahlia lip tar (and my other dark lipsticks!) that wasn't dry and prevented feathering. When I first swatched this in Sephora, the pencil seemed really dry, which prevented me from buying it at first. However, I figured it was just dry because it was a tester, and I was right! Just goes to show that sometimes first impressions can be deceiving.

You don't have to take my word for it! OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil in Black Dahlia (and 11 other colors!) is available now at Sephora.

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