May 2, 2015

Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites

OK so I know this palette was limited edition and will not be restocked, BUT all of the shades are available individually, so you can still snag any colors you're really into.  Because of this, I wanted to review these as single shadows. Just one sad note: some of the colors didn't photograph 100% accurately.  I noted which ones were off.

Left column (top to bottom): Pearl, Petals, Wink for Pink, Mysterious
Center column: Glisten, Deep Skin, Dancing Queen, Rosewood
Right column: Lustrous, Toasted Hazelnut, Bridesmaid, Sassy
Left to right: Pearl, Petals, Wink for Pink, Mysterious
Morphe's website lists the shades with color numbers and names, so I listed both.

ES4/Pearl: Metallic palest beigey-pink. This is very cool-toned.
ES67/Petals: Satin warm peach with a strong pink flash.
ES33/Wink for Pink: Shimmery pale melon-pink.
ES11/Mysterious: Metallic coppery red. (looks similar to the swatches I've seen of "Venus" from the Venus Palette)

L-R: Glisten, Deep Skin, Dancing Queen, Rosewood
ES54/Glisten: Shimmery palest white gold.
ES13/Deep Skin: Matte medium-dark tan with a warm undertone.
ES68/Dancing Queen: Metallic magenta. Slightly warm shift.
ES59/Rosewood: Matte cool-toned magenta. This was a tiny bit sheer.

L-R: Lustrous, Toasted Hazelnut, Bridesmaid, Sassy
ES6/Lustrous: Shimmery palest peach
ES62/Toasted Hazelnut: Matte medium dusty brown. (Photo didn't quite capture the color accurately- IRL it's a bit cooler-toned) This was a bit dry.
ES16/Bridesmaid: Matte muted burgundy. This was also a bit dry.
ES38/Sassy: Orchid with a faint blue shimmer.

Left column (top to bottom): Pink Moscato, Creme Brulee, Carmelized, Radiance
Second column: Caffe Mocchiato, Marbelized, Nuts for You, Midnight Kiss
Third column: Spice, Dazzling, Deep Cocoa, Secretive
Right column: Golden Glory, Fiesta (my camera couldn't handle its brightness!), Burlesque, Dirty Martini
L-R: Pink Moscato, Creme Brulee, Carmelized, Radiance
ES76/Pink Moscato: Metallic champagne.
ES63/Creme Brulee: Matte neutral medium-dark brown
ES15/Carmelized: Matte medium brown with warm undertone
ES53/Radiance: Satin medium purple with light purple shimmer. 

L-R: Caffe Mocchiato, Marbelized, Nuts for You, Midnight Kiss
ES64/Caffe Mocchiato: Satin orange-tan
ES20/Marbelized: Metallic pinky bronze. This was a tad powdery. (My camera didn't quite capture this color accurately:-/)
ES61/Nuts for You: Matte taupe
ES48/Midnight Kiss: Metallic eggplant with copper sparkle. This was quite powdery.

L-R: Spice, Dazzling, Deep Cocoa, Secretive
ES14/Spice: Matte burnt orange
ES47/Dazzling: Shimmery tangerine
ES24/Deep Cocoa: Matte cool-toned purplish brown
ES71/Secretive: Matte red grape. This was a tad sheer.

L-R: Golden Glory, Fiesta, Burlesque, Dirty Martini
ES75/Golden Glory: Metallic golden
ES66/Fiesta: Matte melon. This was dry, sheer, and difficult to get an even swatch.
ES74/Burlesque: Metallic burgundy
ES19/Dirty Martini: Shimmery medium muted green. Cool-toned.

PIGMENTATION: There were so, so many hits pigmentation-wise. Some of the best are: Burlesque, Spice, Dazzling, Marbelized, Pink Moscato, and Wink for Pink. The only truly disappointing one was Fiesta.

PRODUCT: The matte shades didn't perform as well as the other textures, but, with the exception of Fiesta, they weren't horrible by any means. Some of the shimmery and metallic shades were buttery and glided on my skin.

PRICE: $2 for 1.5g

All in all, the quality of Morphe's eyeshadows (except for Fiesta) far surpasses their tiny pricetag. If you're on a budget or are looking to build your collection/kit, you may want to check these out.

Of course you don't have to take my word for it, you can purchase all of these colors (and more!) on Morphe's website.

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