May 10, 2011

Review: Kat von D Angeles Palette


I feel like it took me forever to get around to this post, but better late than
never? So for starters, the Kat von D Angeles palette TOTALLY makes up for my disappointment with the Truth palette that launched at the beginning of the year. In my opinion, Angeles is a bit more versatile than Truth, due to its selection of colors-- there are neutrals with the brights, brights to mix with brights, or neutrals to mix with neutrals.

Venus: Bright metallic copper

Leather: Mid-tone matte brown (previously appeared in Ludwig & Beethoven palettes)

Specimen: cool-toned metallic taupe

Rehab: Soft, very pale taupe shimmer (previously appeared in Truth palette, see my post about it for a comparison)

Peggy: Bright teal with a gold flash (previously appeared in the limited editon Momento Mori palette from last spring)

Bukowski: Mid toned blue with an aqua flash

Bellbottom: slightly iridescent light violet-blue shimmer

Morphine: sheer white/pale blue duo with fine, light blue iridecent glitter. (this is a cream)

Pigmentation is decent across the board, but of the powder shadows, Venus and Specimen are AMAZING, while Bellbottom & Rehab apply slightly sheer. This wasn't a problem for me, as I use Rehab to blend other colors out/as a highlight, and it doesn't take much for Bellbottom to be built up to an opaque color. With morphine, it's a pretty color, but it feels really cheap--it reminds me of toy makeup I'd play with as a little girl. Definitely takes a while to dry down. I'd recommend using a primer and something powdery beneath this so it will hold onto your face for dear life. Maybe this different formula will help it hold onto its moisture, and not dry out in 2 months like all my other KvD cream shadows? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

And now, SWATCHES!!! (All were swatched over Urban Decay's Primer Potion)


Leather (This swatched poorly, but it looks fine on the eye)







Morphine (camera doesn't quite do it justice)

As for the three repeat shadows, honestly, I don't mind.  I've gotten a ton of wear out of Leather in the other palettes it's in, and it broke in my Ludwig palette, so I'm happy I have another one.  Rehab has a much better formula in this palette, and it's a pretty useful color, so I can see myself using this with a bunch of eyeshadows I already have.  Even though Peggy isn't a wear-all-the-time color like Rehab and Leather can be,  it's a completely rad color and I haven't ever seen a color quite like this on my makeup adventures.  I personally wish she still put Lucifer (matte black) in all the palettes, like how she did with the first five-- I use it every day to color in my eyebrows!

If you're interested in seeing some looks I did with this palette, you can check them out here!

This palette is available at Sephora.

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