September 17, 2011

In Practice: Kat Von D True Love Palette in Sinner (silvered purple)

This is what I came up with when playing around with the Sinner palette today.  Not my favorite look, but when putting this one together I discovered that Ace of Spades looks AWESOME as an eyeliner when used wet.

Here's the breakdown of this look:
Outer corner: Ace of Spades
Right half of eye/crease: Glock
Lid: Holy Bible mixed with Linzy-Jane
Lower lash line: Linzy-Jane, Ace of Spades, and Disco Dust (to soften and diffuse the color)
Eyeliner: Ace of Spades, used wet and smudged out a little
Inner corner/browbone: Disco Dust
Brow: Lucifer
Underneath it all: High Voltage eye primer in Skin

Also used:
Kat Von D Sin-full mascara

How would you wear this palette?

1 comment:

  1. I just received the three new palettes this week. I have not tried a look using this one yet, but I want to try Linzy-Jane all over my lid, with Dorian Gray in the crease and Disco Dust as a highlight.


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