January 10, 2012

Review: Clinique Black Honey Superbalm

Lately my makeup routine has been very low-key, and my lips have been pretty dry and flaky. It is for both of these reasons that Clinique's Super balm has been a welcome addition to my arsenal. It's a shimmer-free sheer lip gloss that has awesome moisturizing capabilities.

While the color I bought, Black Honey, looks intimidatingly dark in the tube, it's actually a very sheer dark nude.  Personally, I think this color would work for  everyone. If you're super fair like me, it may not work well if you're going for a "no makeup" look, but you gals with medium and dark complexions could definitely use this for one.

The squeeze tube packaging is pretty no-nonsense, but on mine there is this annoying extra lip around the hole where the product dispenses. Hopefully this is just a one-off flaw, because it kind of scratches against my lip during the application process.

Despite the packaging flaw, I'd definitely recommend this. At $14, it might seem expensive for a tube of lip balm, but the sheerness of the color makes it so versatile, and the insane moisturizing properties make this worth every penny.

You don't have to take my word for it, it's available now (in this and lots of other colors!) at Sephora.

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