August 14, 2011

Review: Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixir

Does the summer bring out the worst in your skin? For me, among other things, it gets extra oily. I use an oil free moisturizer that contains sunscreen, but I'm always chasing my face down with blotting sheets throughout the day. Not fun! Usually I have more important things to do than to check how shiny my face is. I've used the De-slick primer from Urban Decay, but sometimes I get dry, flakey patches where The product wasn't blended out enough.

Enter the brand spanking new Rehab Priming Elixir from Kat Von D. It's an oil free, fragrance free facial primer. On, above all else, it's basically described as a hydrating primer that's good for all skin types.

PERFORMANCE: I used this in place of my regular moisturizer, with great results. It is really light weight, and even mattified my skin for a bit.  That is to say, I haven't experienced mirror-like shine on my face. My skin still needs to be blotted, but instead of using 2-3 sheets (yes, in one sitting!) I'll only use one. My foundation also hasn't migrated into pools on my face when I've used the elixir as my primer. The only downside to this product is that there's no sunscreen in it. If you have drier skin, you may have to use a separate moisturizer with this.

PACKAGING: This is pretty much the same packaging as Makeup Forever's HD elixir-- frosted glass, with an eyedropper-style applicator. While the Kat Von D version is so pretty with it's stenciled roused all over the place, but I think a pump would be more practical to get the product out. The consistency is just a little too thick to be sucked up by the applicator, so I had to try a few times to get a useable amount out. I foresee this being a huge pain when I'm doing my face in a rush.

PRICE: $30 for 1 fl oz.

While not perfect, I really like the Rehab Priming Elixir, but you don't have to take my word for it. Try it for yourself! It's available now at sephora.

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