August 1, 2011

Review: Kat Von D Sin-full Mascara

Have you ever loved a certain product, only for it to be discontinued?  That was me and the Kat Von D High Voltage mascara (in black, it's still available in blue for a little longer).  I did find a good substitute in Dior's Iconic mascara, but it is $10 more expensive!
(yes, those are my real nails!)

Fast forward to KvD's fall 2011 collection, in which a new mascara was released!  And, you know what?  It's pretty good stuff.  Here's the rundown:
  • PIGMENTATION: It's SUPER black! I have blonde eyelashes and dyed black hair, so the blacker my mascara, the better in my opinion.
  • PERFORMANCE: It lengthens, curls, and thickens.  It has the versatility of giving you a semi-natural looking fringe or a really dramatic look-- all without clumps!  Also, I splashed water on my face, and this didn't run at all.  My lashes stuck together a little bit (because i rubbed a wet finger over them in addition to the water splashing), but there were no black rivers running down my face- at all.

  • PACKAGING: The brush is MUCH better than that in the High Voltage mascara.  It's big with stiff bristles, so that it really combs your lashes as it applies the product (hence the lack of the aforementioned clumps). As far as the tube is concerned, I personally like how it starts off matte black and "fades" to the shiny metal.  I can only hope the printed rose pattern will last the charybdis that is my makeup bag.
  • PRICE: $18.  This is on the cheap side of "high-end" mascaras, and honestly I think it's worth it. Sin-full mascara does everything it promises, and a little more.
This is my eye, mostly no makeup. I think there's a little residual black eyeliner.

With Sin-full mascara! No lash primer, eyelash curler, or other mascaras were used.

You don't have to take my word for it-- it's available now at Sephora.

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