April 9, 2015

Kat Von D Lightning Liner: Poe, Fyfe, Hex, Jett

HOLY CRAP I JUST REALIZED I NEVER POSTED THIS REVIEW! I bought Poe and Hex the second they came out last fall, received Fyfe instead of Hex TWICE (thanks to Sephora for letting me keep the first one!), then bought Jett when I saw it in the store.

L-R: OG Fyfe, Poe, Hex, Jett in daylight
Fyfe: Deep forest green with olive green shimmer. I was sent this by accident and I am really loving this color. (I think this was a manufacturing mistake, because it looks like this color is now in Juno's packaging, which matches the color of the product.)

Poe: Smokey deep metallic purple with a hit of medium purple shimmer

Hex: Metallic burgundy

Jett: Black with silver microglitter.
L-R: OG Fyfe, Poe, Hex, Jett under an incandescent bulb


PRODUCT: The formula is neither too thin nor too thick, and it passed all of the tests I subjected it to with flying colors. My initial swatches first underwent water torture-- I put my hand under the faucet at full blast for close to a minute. Nothing ran nor faded. The next test was an oily one-- I rubbed a tiny bit of oil on the swatches. Again, nothing budged. Then on the day I actually wore the eyeliner, it lasted from 9 am til around 1 am (with a gym session from 7:30pm to 8:15pm) without flaking or doing anything else dumb. The liners came off with my makeup remover wipes with a little extra TLC.
Thank goodness it's not TOO bad, but you can see how Hex's brush is broken in comparison to Fyfe's.
Not sure if it's the product, or packaging, but I think Poe is close to running out. I couldn't have owned it for more than four months, and I certainly don't wear it every day. Also, the brush of Hex ended up splaying a bit, possibly from so much product coming out.
This is the aftermath of swatching Hex.
PACKAGING: The Lightning Liner comes in a click-up calligraphy pen. When you first open the box, you have to push the base into the top part (where the brush/cap are). I am a weakling and could BARELY complete this task. Poe was opened first and I wasn't quite sure what what happening, so I pushed it down as much as I could and tried using it. It worked, but I might have gotten some extra product inside the part where the brush lives-- on the day I tried to wear it, I had some troubles getting the product to show up in the brush. By the time I opened Fyfe, I was a pro and successfully closed the gap prior to using. When I wore it, I had a much easier time getting the product into the brush.

When I first heard about the click pen packaging, I foresaw an eyeliner mess. Poe and Hex delivered on that mess, but I think it was due to the packaging not being secured prior to use.

PRICE: $20 for 0.04 oz

All in all, for how great the product is inside, I am willing to overlook the packaging issues. For KvD's summer line, I noticed that a few more colors of the Lightning Liner were released, and I am definitely going to pick up some in hopes that the packaging issues were fixed.

As always, you don't have to take my word for it, Kat Von D's Lightning Liners are available now from Sephora.

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