November 16, 2011

Review: Nails Inc. Magnetic polish

Recently I was in my 2nd home, Sephora, and the nails Inc. Magnetic polishes that i've been dying to try were out! I only meant to test it on one nail, but was so impressed i had to do all ten digits right then and there. Unfortunately my computer is broken, so I can't show you guys the results, but trust me-- this stuff is amazing. The color I have on is Trafalgar Square, a metallic gunmetal grey. It's pretty enough on it's own, but after it's gotten the magnetic treatment it gets these lovely black stripes. If that's not enough, the design is lenticular! (the design appears to travel when you move your nail back and forth. In other words, THIS GIVES YOU NAILS FROM THE FUTURE.) Although I can't show pictures right now, this is one of those rare products that looks exactly as it does in its advertisements. As for wear, without a top coat, it chipped within the first few hours. I applied a top coat later, and now am four days into the manicure with minor wear at the tips. How does it work? There are magnetic particles in the polish that react when a magnet is held over the wet nail. It works best when two coats were applied-- a thin first coat followed by a thicker second coat. Then you hold the magnet over each nail for about 15 - 20 seconds et voila! Instant, easy, and awesome nail art. All in all, this nail polish rules. The effect is so cool, and it dries so fast that you won't spend forever painting your nails. It also comes in gold and a smoky greyed purple if you're not to keen on the grey. I guess the only Thing that could be annoying for some is that when painting the second coat, you have to put the magnet on immediately after you paint the nail or the striations won't occur. You don't have to take my word for it, it's available now at Sephora.

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